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Jewish Roots in Ukraine

Jewish Roots in Ukraine 

Our work on search of roots in Ukraine has started with friend of ours, who asked for a help. He's relatives have left Ukraine during the World War II. But he's parents told him a lot about how they lived and where, and what was their house like, etc. At first we have sceptically concerned such request, especially if to consider, that information was a minimum, and it was a question about practically unknown city for us. It seemed to us, that it is impossible, but the friend so asked, so begged so to give up there were no forces.

For the beginning we have contacted the Jewish community in that city, have got acquainted with people, they promised to help. And... What a miracle! We found out the person, which parents knew these people. In general, the work has started to spin...

In the beginning of searches each employee was doing his part of work inertly, reluctantly, but through some time each of us was assured, that we search for our own relatives. And that is why the job was finished, and we went to that city where our friend's relatives lived.

When he has seen the house where his parents lived, that factory where they worked, a kinder garden where he was as a child, tears have filled his eyes. He began to recollect the childhood, to tell different histories about parents, friends and neighbors. During this moment we have understood, that our work is not vain! And such work is necessary!

Since that moment our friend's friends, and their friends, and their and so on, have started to address to us. And when we already knew well what to do in each situation , we have decided to make not only individual tours, but also a group tours. And now we are glad to offer you some of our programs which not only acquaint with Ukraine as one of the most beautiful country of the Europe, but also tells about ancient Jewish history.











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