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Tours to Ukraine

Tours to Ukraine 

A trip to Ukraine is completely overturns tourist's opinion about our country. Since an arrival to Kiev, tourists as a rule are deeply impressed by our city. It is impossible to transfer beauty of Kiev in words, it surpasses many European capitals. Spirituality of city, historical and religious monuments - Kievo-Pecherskaja Monastery, the Sofievsky cathedral, magnificent churches, ancient synagogues and mosques...

Architectural monuments of Ukraine will tell about history of antique cities - the states, about struggle against nomad tribes, about Christianity acceptance, about Cossacks history, about origin Hasidism...

Ukraine was and remains the native house for different religions.

Our qualified guides lead excursions in pagan and Christian places, tours in the Jewish places of Ukraine are very interesting.

Many tourists from Ukrainian and Jewish diasporas come to search for the roots.

We organize seminars and international conferences.

But - Ukraine is modern and a civilized country with modern hotels, theatres, excellent restaurants and a casino.
Besides it's a safe country. Level of street criminality is much lower, than in many countries.

Depending on tastes and propensities only for one trip it is possible to combine various tourist directions: business tourism, visiting of historical and religious places, health improvement and rest on the nature.

Black and Azov seas will bring you a choice of a pure deep cool and quiet heat, and as a bonus - sandy and pebble beaches - for all tastes. Crimean mountains will present to you a subtropical climate and unforgettable picturesque kinds from mountain Ay-Petri.

Snow-covered tops of Carpathians, crystal lakes and the rivers of a wood strip will present to you rest, force and self-confidence.

If you are the fan of extreme tourism - we always will offer you your type of risk!

Whatever you choose for yourself, you always can combine your rest with health improvement - by using of wonderful mineral waters, fresh fruit, vegetables and juice. Natural health-improving complexes suggest you to breathe in the salt mines of Prikarpatye, or to relax on resorts of Truskavets.

The traditional Ukrainian cuisine, wonderful Ukrainian wines, cheerful Ukrainian songs and benevolent people will accompany you throughout all your travel.

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